Aaron Bowman

Aaron’s interest in birds started as a child growing up in Northern Japan. There he spent his weekends volunteering his time for bird surveys and other related research projects at two Ramsar designated wetlands. After high school he attended the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a degree in Wildlife Biology. While at the U of M he worked for the USFWS conducting bird surveys and waterfowl banding and traveled back to Japan where he helped with a variety of bird research projects as an intern. Aaron currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife and young son. He is on the Anchorage Audubon board as the field trip coordinator and also has worked seasonally for Audubon Alaska with public outreach programs. Along with leading field trips and trying to find an odd nostalgic bird from the Asian side, Aaron operates as a “stay at home dad” occasionally making kicksleds for winter travel around his much loved frozen landscape.