Upcoming Wilderness Birding Adventures tours listed by date.

2019 Alaska Birding Adventures

The Best of Early Spring: Kodiak IslandMarch 23-27, 2019$2,450 from AnchorageSpace Available
Nome: McKay's Bunting ExtensionMarch 27-28, 2019$1,450 from AnchorageSpace Available
Adak Island: The Central AleutiansMay 15-18, 2019$3,200 from AnchorageSpace Available
The Pribilof Islands: Spring MigrationMay 19-22, 2019$3,950 from AnchorageSpace Available
Gambell I: Spring MigrationMay 27-
June 2, 2019
$4,400 from AnchorageTour Full
Gambell II: Spring MigrationJune 2-6, 2019$3,750 from AnchorageSpace Available
Gambell I-II: Even More Spring MigrationMay 27-
June 6, 2019
$6,200 from AnchorageTour Full
Nome IJune 2-5, 2019$2,500 from AnchorageSpace Available
Nome IIJune 6-9, 2019$2,500 from AnchorageSpace Available
Gambell-Nome I Combination
May 27-
June 5, 2019
$6,100 from AnchorageTour Full
Gambell-Nome II CombinationJune 2-9, 2019$5,450 from AnchorageSpace Available
Gambell I, II and
Nome II
May 27-June 9, 2019$7,700 from AnchorageTour Full
Spring BarrowJune 13-16, 2019$2,550 from
Space Available
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Rafting the Marsh ForkJune 18-29, 2019TBA from FairbanksSpace Available
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Sunset Pass Base CampJune 20-25, 2019TBA from FairbanksSpace Available
Gambell: Fall MigrationAugust 30-September 5, 2019
Extension: September 5-9, 2019
$4,400 main tour
$6,200 main tour + extension, from Anchorage
Space Available
Gulf of Alaska
Pelagic Trip
Late September 2019, exact dates TBATBA from
Space Available
The Pribilof Islands:
Fall Migration
Late September 2019, exact dates TBATBA from
Space Available
Ross’s Gull Migration
Early October 2019, exact dates TBATBA from
Space Available

Upcoming International Birding Adventures

CambodiaJanuary 23-February 6, 2018$5,200 from
Siem Reap
Tour Closed
BhutanNovember 7-26, 2018$7,100 from
Space Available