Every experience is new and exotic: walking barefoot on the tundra and being alert for bears… the pack ice melting under the orange glow of the sun at midnight. In short, I feel like you have opened my eyes. It was the best experience I’ve had in 20 years.
T.L., Las Cruces, NM
It was a real stunner to see you guys pull off Great Gray, Saw-whet, Boreal and Northern Hawk Owl – all in a few short hours! Wow! Finding our own Great Gray later, and seeing multiple Northern Hawk owls as we drove was mighty satisfying. I had a great time. Serious birding should be fun too! I’ve told quite a few people that you guys really know Alaska and the birds.
D.R., High Springs, FL
Just a note to thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip. You work very hard to see that everything goes smoothly for your guests and you certainly succeed. Nan is an outstanding, enthusiastic guide and her broad knowledge of so many aspects of the Arctic adds a lot to the pleasure of experiencing ANWR. I will have memories of my trip for a long time to come. 
M.M., Ashland, OR
Nan and Aaron were both the best! Is that possible – can more than one be “the best?” Well, they were!
P.K., Bothell, WA
The Marsh Fork/Canning trip was exactly what I had hoped for – being somewhere I’d dreamed about, taking a significant time-out from other things, great birding – and more because of your planning and ability to lead the trip while still letting people get what they needed from the experience. Thanks.
F.W., Fairbanks, AK
…the company, the food, the weather, and the arctic with all its facets made this trip more enjoyable and more fun than anyone had a right to expect.
L.S., Dallas, TX
The Kongakut River trip was outstanding. I wouldn’t have changed one thing. We were well taken care of, watched over and encouraged to extend ourselves just the right amount. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that Wilderness Birding Adventures is the way to go.
D.M., Juneau, AK
After 33 years of doing pretty much what I have wanted to do, I suddenly find that I’ve been doing all the wrong things. What I should have been doing, all along, was going into the arctic every summer.
P.D., Cape May, N.J.





The group size was great. I felt special and snobby when I saw the size of the other Gambell birding groups!
J.T., Saint Helena, SC
The enormity of the Arctic Refuge and our 12-day foray on the Canning River became even more apparent on my return home. Visions of river scenes dance in my head and I dearly miss the clarity of light and the 24 hour days. The skill and organization that it took to get us greenhorns down the river in safety and comfort was impressive. Thanks for all that you did.
S.P., Jackson, WY
We all felt rejuvenated by those days in the wilderness. It is essential for one’s soul, I believe.
A.B., San Francisco, CA


You all make it possible for us to explore places we wouldn’t get to without you. Thanks for all you do and for who you are.
C.C., Eagle River, AK


It was a superbly managed trip. My only complaint was that the food was too good and, despite all that exercise, I managed to gain several pounds.
A. R., Washington, D.C.