Luke DeCicco

Luke puts the sneak on a Palm Warbler on Middleton Island. Photo Aaron Lang.

Few people are as passionate about birding as Luke DeCicco! That’s the truth. Luke grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska where he succumbed to early-onset birding obsession at the age of 10. He’s a dedicated student of ornithology and Alaskan birding. Luke works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage and has traveled extensively throughout Alaska in search of birds as a birder and ornithologist. His most exciting work was conducting a four-year study on the bird migration at Middleton Island, one of his favorite places in Alaska. This project illuminated the amazing fall migration in the Gulf of Alaska and added significantly to the already large list of regional rarities from that small island (from Gray Catbird to Wood Warbler). Since 2012, Luke has served on the Alaska Checklist Committee and is motivated by the continued joint evolution of birding and ornithology in the state.

Luke has co-led our Adak tour in the past and in 2017 will lead our newest trip, “The Best of Early Spring in Alaska: Kodiak Island and Extension to Nome.”