• A Ross's Gull, universally loved by all, floats by our vantage along the Barrow waterfront.
  • A young Snowy Owl cruises the tundra outside of Barrow.
  • Birders check out a flock of King Eiders. Occasionally with diligent searching one can find a Spectacled Eider hiding in the flock.
  • A somewhat distant, but oh so satisfying Spectacled Eider was bobbing off shore on our fall trip to Barrow.
  • While numbers of Ross's Gulls were down from our previous tours, we did have small groups pass by us throughout the trip, including this squadron of five on October 5th.
  • A Hoary Redpoll fluffs up in the snow.
  • A feeder in Barrow attracts a small redpoll flock that usually includes both Hoary and Common Redpolls and allows for nice studies of the group. The black wing and tail feathers of this redpoll made it the most interesting redpoll at the feeder.
  • A Pine Siskin is not to be expected in northern Alaska. This little guy looked right at home with the Hoary Redpolls at a feeder in Barrow.
  • We went to Barrow in search of Ross's Gulls, of course. The rarest bird of the trip was a gull, but something much larger and distinctly less petite. This second-cycle Great-blacked Gull, only Alaska's fourth record, was a treat on our final day!
  • Large flocks of migrating Long-tailed Ducks are common in Barrow in early October.
  • A young Thick-billed Murre flew in right in front of us to flaunt his sharp features. Most views that we get of murres in Barrow in October are too distant to properly identify.
  • Another shot of the young Thick-billed Murre near the base of Point Barrow, Alaska.
  • The smart looking

It was another exciting trip to Barrow for our 2015 search for Ross’s Gulls! For a full trip report click here.

All photos by Aaron Lang, leader. Click on any photo for captions.