• While Buller's Shearwaters regularly occur in the Gulf of Alaska during the fall, they are very difficult to find as few pelagic opportunities exist. Seeing one in Alaska is a thrill!
  • It was certainly the Buller's Shearwater show on this trip. This was a tight group of 35 that flew right along side the boat.
  • Might this be the most beautiful of Alaska's seabirds? Buller's Shearwater, Gulf of Alaska.
  • While not that exciting to most lower 48 birders, American Coot is quite rare in Alaska and we were very excited to see this bird in Juneau.
  • Rare in Alaska, this Ring-billed Gull in Juneau was a very nice surprise for our trip.

I was too busy watching birds to get many photos on our 2017 Gulf of Alaska Pelagic, but I did snap a few to document the phenomenal showing of Buller’s Shearwaters! Most years we hope for one of these beautiful and rare seabirds. This year, however, it was the most common shearwater of the trip! ~Aaron

For a full list of species seen on this tour, check out the trip list here.