• This Dusky Warbler was one of three we saw on our 2017 fall tour to Gambell, Alaska.
  • This Asian Brown Flycatcher, only the 5th record for North America, was a thrilling find on our 2017 fall trip to Gambell.
  • White Wagtails are common breeding birds at Gambell.
  • When an Asian Brown Flycatcher is not the rarest bird of the trip you know you're having a great time! This Thick-billed Warbler, the first for North America, beat out the flycatcher for the rarest of the trip!
  • Peek-a-boo I see you! North America's first Thick-billed Warbler.
  • It was a two-rare-flycatcher trip. This Taiga Flycatcher was a thrilling find on the very last day of the trip!
  • On the very last day of the trip we scored a Taiga Flycatcher and this striking Little Bunting! Quite a send off!
  • Juvenile Western Sandpiper, Gambell, Alaska.
  • Northern Wheatear is a regular migrant at Gambell, Alaska.
  • Gray-tailed Tattler on the shore of Troutman Lake. Most years we get at least one Gray-tailed Tattler on our fall trip to Gambell, Alaska.
  • The famous bird man of Gambell, Clarence Irigoo. All visiting birders owe a large debt of gratitude to Clarence for the many great birds he's found and help to document over the years.
  • Arctic Warblers are regular migrants in both spring and fall at Gambell, Alaska.

Our fall 2017 tour to Gambell was nothing short of incredible. So many rare birds, such great people, so many memories. Here are just a few of the many highlights.

Photos by Aaron Lang, tour leader.

Information on our next trip can be found here.