• A pair of Tufted Ducks at Adak. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • This Rustic Bunting was certainly one of the rarity highlights of our 2017 trip to Adak Island. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • Rock Sandpipers are common breeding birds at Adak. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • Green-winged Teal in the Aleutian Islands are of the race crecca,
  • This Eastern Yellow Wagtail is of the race simillima, a vagrant to the western and central Aleutians. The race tschutschensis breeds in western Alaska. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • Birders delight in finally locating one of the Eyebrowed Thrushes on Adak Island during our tour. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • Bramblings made headlines at Adak this year. Perhaps over 100 Bramblings were around the town and road system during our trip and we saw several large flocks right around our house. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • Our first views of this Eyebrowed Thrush were brief and mostly in flight, but with perseverance we were rewarded with excellent views on the ground of this rarity. Photo Aaron Lang.
  • An Eyebrowed Thrush perches in the open, a seemingly strange behavior for the species. Photo Aaron Lang.

Here are a just few photos from our trip to Adak Island, May 14-18, 2017. It was a great group of just four participants and we enjoyed wonderful comraderie, decent weather, and an exceptional list of birds. Yes, by all metrics it was a fantastic trip!