• We bid farewell for the week to our pilot and to the outside world as we begin the adventure!
  • The focus of our quest, the Gray-headed Chickadee, is North America's most elusive songbird.
  • The guides keep getting distracted by birds as they set out a riverside lunch. Photo Deanna MacPhail.
  • Enjoying the calm waters of the lower sections of the river.
  • We keep the trip's bird list on a storage bucket as we float down the river. Here's page one.
  • The
  • Birding the vast tundra near along the river.
  • The group focuses on displaying Least Sandpipers and Smith's Longspurs.
  • Grayling are common denizens of the clear arctic streams.
  • Birding in true wilderness. Something few are lucky enough to experience.
  • Lesser Yellowlegs are at the northern extreme of their range along the river. The prefer marshy ponds with willow edges.
  • Chris scouts for a clear channel through the the auf eiss.
  • The rafts await the daily loading of the gear.
  • The Gray-headed Chickadee is identified by its pale gray upperparts, grayish-brown cap, large white-cheek patch and the ragged edges to its dark bib.
  • A nest full of White-crowned Sparrows is tucked into a bank near our camp in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Bohemian Waxwings are rare along the river and not found on most of our trips into the north side of the Brooks Range. Here a pair checks out a cottonwood grove along the river.

We enjoyed another incredible adventure into chickadee country in 2015!

All photos by Aaron Lang unless otherwise captioned. Click on photos for captions.